Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Week, a Potluck...Bring a Dish to Share

Third Thursday, folks! Time to pony up your poems. To switch things up a little, let's try offering up poems by other, published poets. Any poet you please. And how about if we try a theme? How about food poems? Cooking food, growing food, eating food...anything to do with food.

And while we're shaking the tree, why not invite a friend to join us this week? Anyone who brings along a new pal wins a steaming hot casserole. Just kidding of course, how would you mail a casserole?

So, all this week, post liks to your favorite food poems. Come back next Thursday and post links to your newly created patchwork poems!


SurveysCenter said...


jillypoet said...

call me unsavvy, but what does that mean?

jillypoet said...

Here is my "food" poem. It isn't about food specifically, but has some wonderful food similes/metaphors.

Maxine Kumin

writerwoman said...

Here's mine. Its called Wonderbread by Alfred Corn

jillypoet said...

Here's a proper link:

Maxine Kumin

If we don't get enough poems this week, I will extend the call for poems another week, ok?

OneMoreBeliever said...

ummm, as a first timer... i wrote a food poem for poefusion friday five can i post here as well...? if so hrz, the link's all abt spagetti... genesis