Thursday, May 1, 2008

1st Thursday! Pony Up Your Poems!

Hi all! I am posting this week's call for poems a bit early, as I will be traveling Wednesday and waiting in the hospital while my father has surgery on Thursday.

From now until next Thursday, you are invited to post your poems for other poets' use. Thursday, May 7th, come back and post your newly created patchwork poems.

Remember, we try to stay as true to the cento, or patchwork form, as possible. Please try to use whole lines. Our aim here is not to inspire trains of thought, but to rearrange the trains our fellow poets have already hitched. How's that for a convoluted metaphor?

Since this is a couple days early, please be sure, if you haven't already, to check the post below for links to everyone's patchwork poems on display this week.

Happy writing!


paisley said...

looking forward to another week of patchwork... heres my contribution...


Lirone said...

Can it possibly be this time again...
Haven't written much since last time, so I will offer:


lissa said...

here's my offer:
days of blue

writerwoman said...

Here is mine. Keep in mind you can change the pronouns and tenses


gautami tripathy said...

Hope I am not to late!