Thursday, March 27, 2008

4th Thursday! Patchwork Poems Please!

It's the 4th Thursday of March! Time to post links to your newly created patchwork poems! Even if you didn't provide a nature poem to work from, feel free to use the poems others provided last week and try your hand at a patchwork poem. Remember, whole lines only, please. We're as true to the cento form as we can be around here!

Next week, Thursday April 3, we're going to kick off National Poetry Month. Stop by and leave a poem of your own for use in the next round of patchwork poems. The more the merrier! Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Heck, mention it to the guy (or lady) who makes your latte!

As always, thanks for poeming with me!


writerwoman said...


Here's mine!

Looking forward to reading everyone else's.

paisley said...

i think i have been around and read most of the others already,,, here is mine...

falling stars

gautami tripathy said...

My offering:

creatures of eerie night

Mariacristina said...

Here's mine. The poems were great!

Patchwork Pantoum