Thursday, March 13, 2008

2nd Thursday, Time for Patchwork Poems!

Today, today. Hot damn, today's the day! (The Christmas Story, anyone?) Oh well...It's the 2nd Thursday of the month! Time to post your patchwork poems.

From now until next Thursday, March 20, you are invited to place links to your newly created patchwork poems. Since we used poems from well-known poets, it is probably especially important that we credit our sources! In other words, please let us know the names of the poets whose work you used. And, while you're at it, tell us a little bit about your process. How did you piece together the lines? Cut them all up, put them in a hat and pull one line out at a time? Highlight your favorite lines? Ask your cat for help? Let us know!

Next Thursday, we will again post links to poems of our own that we offer up as fodder for new patchwork poems. To ensure that everyone has enough time to create, I will be closing comments on Tuesday. Try to get your poem in by then so that people have time to gather poems and work!

Stay tuned for a little leprechaun mischief with next week's call for poems. Think green...

If you would like to be listed as a member of patchwork poetry, email me at! If you've already told me you'd like to be on the list and you're not, remind me! A gentle nudge never hurts.

Thanks for poeming with me!


gautami tripathy said...

As I said before, I read the poems. one at a time. Picked out the lines which made the most impact for me and worked around those lines.

After I pick out the lines, I do not go back to the poems.

Here is mine:

paisley said...

this one was fun.. we had a lot of good material didn't we???

heres mine:

i liked you better....

gautami tripathy said...

BTW, can I be added to the blogroll here?

blog: rooted


Mariacristina said...

I copied and pasted all the poems into one document, printed it, then highlighted the lines that called to me. I kept reading the poems and the lines I chose, looking for a story.

It was hard, because Mary Oliver's poem had a huge impact on me, and I kept thinking about my own father. But in the end I tried to piece together a poem about a woman grieving after her husband left her.

After I typed in the lines, I ended up deleting some and finding others. I could have worked on it a lot longer....

Once again, I loved working with all these lines. To me it is like putting the poems under a magnifying glass, allowing me a better reading of each one, comparing how each poet uses language. I loved all the poems we gathered here.

to restore a Mrs.

paisley said...

heres ho wi do it,, since everyone is posting their method...

all week long i save every poem and the link to it on a notebook page..

then when i am ready to work on it,, i transfer all of that to word,, and read thru strictly for lines... as of yet i have not read the poems and will not so so intill the process is over..

then on the night before i compose i highlight the lines i like out of each one and cut and past them onto a notebook page..

then the next morning,, i begin to cut the lines off that page onto a separate sheet,, removing them from the first list and adding them to the poem..

i find a line that speaks to me for the opener,,and then allow it to unfurl from there.. i have only once gone back to look for a still suitable line above and beyond the ones i originally cut...

i really enjoy the process... i like cutting out the lines and then sleeping on it,, i think it allows me to create a fresh image unadulterated by the message in any of the poems...

so there it is in case anyone is interested....

writerwoman said...

Here is mine

I think I finally got this patchwork form down this week, and hopefully did it right this time.

Look forward to seeing what others came up with.

writerwoman said...

My process this time was pasting all the poems into a word document.

I pulled out all the interesting, to me, lines and placed them in a new document. From there I tried to make something but it didn't work.

Going back the next day, I ditched attempt one and also my attempt to use an equal amount of lines from each poet.

Instead I concentrated on letting Maya Angelou's poem, the one I suggested for others to use this week, guide me to make a modern version of it for one woman who was trying to be controlled by her man.

Lirone said...

Here's mine

returning from the dead

Great poems to work with!

Michelle Johnson said...

I decided to try my hand at a Cento the other day and wasn't sure I was going to post it here because I hadn't been part of the community but, changed my mind.

Here's my "untitled cento" if you would like to stop by.

Being new to the process I went to the previous post and clicked on one of the links offered to find my poems. I read many before I found the ones I wanted to use (that, for me was the hardest part). When I found the poems I saved their link to my favorites folder. As I read through the poems I would copy/ paste the lines I liked best into Word. Once I had enough lines I rearranged them to make my Cento. Then I opened up my favorites folder and copied the links into my post to credit my sources.

Have a nice day everyone.