Saturday, February 9, 2008

gather ye poems

To participate in next week's patchwork poetry party, simply provide a link to one of your own poems in the comments section.

By leaving a link, you agree to allow our collective of poets use your lines in a brand new poem. One time rights, of course. And the patchwork poetry collective, a groovy bunch of like-minded souls in pursuit of the perfect word, do hereby promise on pain of left & right hand removal, to never publish or pass of as wholly their own, the poems created from other people's poems. I'm no lawyer, but I think that covers it!


Mariacristina said...

Thanks, Jill. Here's my link. After reading this again, I would probably change some of the line breaks, but I still like the poem.


I hope everyone else can donate this week, because I do enjoy this!

paisley said...

oh yes... i am definitely in ... here is my contribution... this is a lot better.. i will sign in for comments.....

of scylla and charybdis

writerwoman said...


Good luck with the site.

gautami tripathy said...

Here is the link to mine:

swaying dandelions

This is my first time here. I look forward to this!

PDW said...

here's mine:

daughters are slippery

it's password protected like all my poems, email me if you need it art [at] polkadotwitch [dot] com

jillypoet said...

sorry sorry! late to the party! here's mine: Patsy Canyon

hope it's here in time for everyone! remember, come back tomorrow to post your links to your patchwork poems!