Thursday, February 28, 2008

fourth Thursday, time for patchwork poems!

It's February's 4th Thursday, and here in blogland, that means send in your poems! Your patchwork poems, that is.

From now until next Thursday, March 6, you are invited to place links to your newly created patchwork poems. Please be sure to credit your many muses! In other words, please let us know the names of the poets whose work you used. And, while you're at it, tell us a little bit about your process. How did you piece together the lines? Cut them all up, put them in a hat and pull one line out at a time? Highlight your favorite lines? Ask your cat for help? Let us know!

Next Thursday, we will again post links to poems of our own that we offer up as fodder for new patchwork poems. Try to get your poem in by Tuesday at the latest so people have time to gather poems and work!

If you would like to be listed as a member of patchwork poetry, email me at! If you've already told me you'd like to be on the list and you're not, remind me! A gentle nudge never hurts.

Thanks for poeming with me!


gautami tripathy said...

Here is mine:

jumping from the cliff to prove my love

paisley said...

ok ... here we go... that was a lot of input for this little thing i came up with... but i do fell like it works....

last lullaby

lissa said...

Here's mine piece


I didn't really have a process, I just pick the lines that I like and form the poem around it.

Mariacristina said...

Hey, patchworkers! Mine is about the Iraq War. I never write political poems, so this one is a leap for me.Does the debate end when it comes to darwin and creationism?

I've enjoyed reading all the poems. This process helps me become a better reader of poetry, because I have to really think about each line. It also makes me a better writer, because it frees up my imagination, rules about punctuation, and my tendency to be a linear thinker. Love it!

Lirone said...

Mine is here...
fighting for love

I pasted all the poems into a word document, read them all a few times. I really liked the line "I am fighting for love", and as I carried on scrolling up and down I saw more and more lines that would weave in well to this.

And then I just kept cutting and pasting, and it slowly turned into the story of my own fight for love which (as you'll guess from "silence") is definitely very much on my mind at the moment.

Except it's not quite my story, because the phrases weren't quite there to tell it the way I would have done alone - and some ideas came out I'd never have thought of.

Must go and catch up with poems by others that I've not read yet - so strange how we pick many of the same lines but they mean something quite different depending on the context!

Fun :)

writerwoman said...

Here what I came up with:
Silent Screaming

Thanks Jilly Poet for creating this great site and for being so supportive.

writerwoman said...

What I find so interesting is how certain lines get picked by several poets. I like how those lines take on a life of their own, becoming something different to each person.

jillypoet said...

Finally! Here is my poem. I couldn't help but stick with my "religious" theme. I used one of Scott's lines as a title. Not sure if it works, but I felt compelled to follow this theme...

Can You Believe God Opened Up the Heavens and Adam Appeared

I hope everyone had a great time piecing their poems together. And thanks, Lirone, for the idea to paste all the poems into a word doc. I was printing each poem out and stapling the bunch together. Your way works much better.

Next time, I think I might try printing the poems at 14 or 16 font size, cutting them up, putting them in a hat, and pulling one line at a time.