Thursday, June 12, 2008

2nd Thursday! Patchwork Poems, Please!

It's just a few days until Father's Day... time to show off your patchwork papa poems. Or maybe, despite the array of poems about dad offered this week, your patchwork poem has nothing to do with the man!

Nevertheless, from now until next Thursday, you are invited to post a link to your newly created patchwork poem. Even if you didn't pony up a poem to work with, you are humbly invited to use the poems provided and share your work with us!

Next Thursday, June 19, stop by and leave a link to a poem of your own for the next round of patchwork poetry.

Thanks for playing!


Anonymous said...

i'm working on one!

Anonymous said...

done! here it is

lissa said...

Sorry, I forgot to provide a poem but I make a patchwork poem


and it's not about Dads, sorry about that, somehow I just ended up writing something completely different

writerwoman said...

This is mine for this week.

Anonymous said...

I decided to play along too! I didn't share a poem, but put some of the lines together (with those from another poem or two) and got something not at all about fathers.

My first patchwork poem